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How many small or big things have you dreamed of and brought to reality? Caffe Gelato Gourmet is precisely that, a dream that was born after learning more about the art, preparation and wonderful world of gelato.

And it is that if we relive happy moments in our lives, even from childhood, how many of us do not keep unique memories of that bite of ice cream that made us happy, that made us want one more, because just as we feel it, surely you too….. and if you search your memory you will have a smile on your face just at the moment of remembering it.

Gelato for us is joy, pleasure, a sensation that revives our palate as we taste a fusion of real, delicate flavors, in harmony, a unique creaminess of a perfectly prepared gelato that recognizes the roots of our beloved Italy and that pays tribute to one of the most loved and universal desserts that exist in the world, in all its presentations.

That is why our history has many views and the one we want to highlight is the one that represents for you share, to savor and enjoy a true Gelato with us, our greatest inspiration and motivation.

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Our gelato is the optimal result of the combination of genuine, natural, fresh and high-quality ingredients, carefully chosen that added to the elaboration techniques, result in a creamy gelato, rich in flavor, aroma, balanced and definitely delicious.

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Combining the pleasure of being in a nice place and savoring an authentic #gelato or another dessert that we have available for you, can’t wait…come visit us!

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Any reason where you want to gather a small group of friends, hang out, sing birthdays and savor gelatos, desserts, tequeños, a coffee or a tea, write to us and we will gladly organize it, to make that special reason a pleasant, different and divine moment at #caffegelatogourmet.

(8 to 10 persons Max)

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